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Changes to OSHA and GHS Classification and Labeling of Chemicals Print E-mail


There is a new OSHA requirement regarding chemical safety data sheets and labels. Any employee who uses any chemical product needs to receive training on the new Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) standard. Below is a link to a 16 minute YouTube video that clearly explains the changes and how they will affect you. The second link is a short quiz that we asked our team members to complete after watching the video.



pdf osha_ghs_training_quiz


As far as we know, having your team members watch this video meets the training requirements established by OSHA. You can find more information at http://www.issa.com/?id=ghs_online_training, or OSHA’s website https://www.osha.gov/dsg/hazcom/  or feel free to call our office with questions at 703-437-7000.


SDS Sheets Print E-mail


This is a list of Material Safety Data Sheets and the new Safety Data Sheets for all of our products.

If you are missing one or have questions please feel free to call us.


Safety Data Sheets


pdf Clear_Image_Glass Cleaner

pdf Bowltex_N/A

pdf Bleach

pdf Char_None_Gallons

pdf Claire_Germicidal_Foam

pdf SDS_For_Coilex

pdf Warrior_Wipes


  Material Safety Data Sheets

pdf Act_II_No_Slime_Strip

pdf AJAX


 pdf Mountain_Air_Organic_Gel 7.93 Kb

pdf Lemon_Organic_Gel 7.93 Kb

pdf Sunburst_Organic_Gel 7.93 Kb

pdf Vanilla_Organic_Gel 7.93 Kb

pdf BigD_Stick_Up

pdf Bleach

pdf Body_Quencher

pdf Bounce

pdf Big_Daddy

pdf Bowltex_NA



pdf CC-112

pdf Certified_2001

pdf Char_None_Aerosol

pdf Char_None_Gallons

pdf Chewing_Gum_Remover

pdf Citrotex

pdf Citrus_Gangbusters

pdf Clear_Image

pdf Clear_Image_Cartridges

pdf Clenair

pdf Clorox_Bleach

pdf Clorox_Disinfecting_Wipes

pdf Coil_Brite  

pdf Coil_Brite_2

pdf Coilex

pdf Comet_Cleanser

pdf CRC_Power_Lube

pdf Da_Grease

pdf Dawn_Dish_Detergent

pdf Demise

pdf Demoist

pdf Dirtex

pdf DoorPod Santa Barbara Sea Breeze

pdf Dr_Digester 

pdf Drainex

pdf Dumpster_Buddy

pdf Dupont_Teflon

pdf Dustup

pdf D_Vour_Clean_Up_Kit

pdf Earths_Essence_Cucumber_Melon

pdf Earths_Essence_Honeysuckle

pdf Earths_Essence_Red_Clover_Tea

pdf Earths_Essence_Lemon

pdf EasyOff_Fume_Free

pdf EasyOff_Oven_Cleaner

pdf Eco-Solve

pdf Ecotex_3


pdf Envirocon

jpg Envirotex

pdf Fibertex3n1

pdf Flitz

 pdf Foam_Away

pdf Foamex_Gold

pdf Foamex_IHS

pdf Foamex_Rose

pdf Foaming_Enriched_Moisture_Wash

pdf Free_Flow

pdf Free_It

pdf Gangbusters

pdf Glastex

pdf Germicidal_Cleaner

pdf GoldNSudsy

pdf Gotch-Ya

pdf Grease_Release

 pdf Hi_Volt

pdf Husky_891

pdf Hydro_Coil

pdf Hy_Tork

pdf Taski_Impermo

pdf Insta_Zinc

pdf Jet_Force

pdf Joy_liquid_dish_detergent

pdf Lemon_One_Step

pdf LiftOff#1

pdf LiftOff#2

pdf LiftOff#3

pdf LiftOff#4

pdf Liftoff#5

pdf Meditex

pdf Metered_Aerosol_Cinnamon 8.96 Kb

pdf Metered_Aerosol_MangoBay 8.96 Kb

pdf Metered_Aerosol_Potpourri 8.96 Kb

pdf Metered_Aerosol_Sunburst 8.96 Kb

pdf Metered_Aerosol_Vanilla 8.96 Kb

pdf Metered_Aerosol_CucumberMelon 69.37 Kb

pdf Metered_Aerosol_GmaApplePie 69.16 Kb

pdf Metered_Aerosol_Red_Clover_Tea 69.37 Kb

pdf Metered Aerosol Mountain Air

pdf Metered_Aerosol_Relax 69.16 Kb

pdf Microban

pdf Mintex

pdf Mollie

pdf Mirathane

pdf MSDN

pdf Murphy_Oil_Soap

pdf Natural_Power

pdf NevrDull

pdf Newtrex

pdf NiceNClean_Baby_Wipes

pdf Nilodor_Metered_Aerosols

pdf Nilofresh_Cucumber_Melon

pdf Nilofresh_Red_Clover_Tea

pdf Nilofresh_Spring_Mint

pdf Noxon

pdf Orbit

pdf OxyForce

pdf Pearlux

pdf Pearly_White

pdf Phenomenal

pdf Pinex

pdf Pink_N_Sudsy

pdf Pledge_Lemon

pdf Powerlift

pdf Premiere Liquid Ice Melter

pdf ProBowltex9

pdf Protex25

pdf Purell5456

pdf Purell9657

pdf Purell_w_Aloe

pdf Quick_Seal_7

pdf Radiance

pdf Ram

pdf Rebound

pdf Red_Relief_A

pdf Red_Relief_B

pdf Refresh_HE_Laundry_Detergent

pdf Renu

pdf Revive

pdf Rinse_Free

pdf Room_Deodorant_Mountain_Air

pdf Room_Deodorant_Potpourri 

pdf Room_Deodorant_Sunburst

pdf Room_Deodorant_GmaApplePie

pdf Sanigel

pdf Sanitex

pdf Scrubless

pdf Scrubtex

pdf Shazam

pdf Sheila_Shine

pdf Shower_Power

pdf Slicker

pdf Sol-U-Suds

pdf Solkist_Orange_Gallons

pdf Solkist_RTU

pdf Solopol

pdf Spottex

pdf Steeltex

pdf Sterifab

pdf Stonex

pdf Stuck_Gasket_Adhesive

pdf Sudden Death

pdf Superior_Sno_& Ice_Melter

pdf Superior Sno & Ice Melt

pdf Super_Swipes

pdf Swipes

pdf Taski_Profi

pdf Taski_R50

pdf Taski_Stains_Away

pdf Taski_TR_103_

pdf Taski_Vision_Matte

pdf Tilex

pdf TOC_Fresh_Linen

pdf TOC_Original

pdf Traction_Melt

pdf Traffix

pdf Trouble_Shooter

pdf TUFF

pdf Urinal_Screen_w_Block_S2000

pdf Velvet_Pink_Handsoap

pdf VTW_Truck_Wash

pdf Wad_Away

pdf Windex

pdf White_On

pdf Woodtex

 pdf Zzzap



pdf denver_top_10_final

pdf getting_started_is_easy_packet

pdf Waterhog_Color_Options

pdf Trigrip_Color_Options











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